Black Circle Hoop
Black Circle Hoop

Black Circle Hoop

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There is nothing more wearable than a pair of black earrings. They're understated, but dramatic, exactly the kind of thing you want to wear to work these say: I take myself seriously, but there's still some joy and creativity to go around.

PLUS these hoops don't droop, they're extra light weight like all of our earrings. You (or your gift recipient) won't have saggy earlobes to look forward to post-wear.

The finish on these is Matte, not shiny, almost velvety in the way they absorb (as opposed to reflecting) light.

Classic hoops in 3D printed Nylon.

  • Printed in a single piece

  • Made in America

  • Standard Nickel Free posts

  • Made special on a per-order basis, please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your order